About Us

About us

INF8NITY is a unique company offering its clients a wide range of international-level services and opportunities.

The idea of creating the company INF8NITY arose more than 5 years ago when relations between Russia and Slovenia only began to emerge and there was interest in cooperation on both sides, projects involving foreign investment, a high influx of people emigrating and foreign business partners.

Since our beginnings, we have extended our services and partnerships worldwide. Our company responded to the help of all those who wanted to change their place of residence, do business or/and buy real estate property, overcome state borders, language barriers and join the new environment.

We consider our company a “family” since the idea of ​​creation was born in our international family, uniting specialists from different fields, speakers of different languages ​​and cultures. Due to this, we manage to maintain a personal approach to each client, work out an individual plan and provide the whole range of necessary services.

It is important for us that our clients are provided with quality and comprehensive assistance. We value professionalism in our work and trust from our clients.

Behind us there are

  • more than thirty stories of people about the successful relocation and organization of their life in Slovenia,
  • dozens of successful investments in real estate,
  • dozens of companies that have found foreign partners with our help,
  • many other stories, including the successful opening of new business and the implementation of investment projects prepared by our company.

Our advantages

  • personal approach to each client
  • elaboration of an individual relocation plan
  • business organization in Slovenia “turn-key”
  • search for potential foreign partners
  • organization of international business meetings
  • financial and tax consulting

At the present moment, we focus on offering quality services to individuals and companies in areas of residence permits, real estate, investments, and expansion of businesses to different markets such as Europe and Asia. We also assist with organizing and running a foreign business, managing investment projects with domestic and foreign investment, search for foreign partners and the possibility of financing projects, as well as the creation of platforms for further communication and conclusion of agreements between Slovenian and foreign companies. Due to our knowledge and know-how, we give appropriate advice to individual and companies through our quality consulting services.

Managers of our company

Jaka Škorjanc – Director

Jana Škorjanc – Commercial Director

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